VIDEO VIEWS BY JC: Nox Vahn & Marsh - Come Together

The easiest way to get into the meditative state, Alan Watts instructs, is to begin by listening. Progressive Deep House producer Nox Vahn tames the wandering mind with fellow artist Marsh in their new collab Come Together.

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VIDEO VIEWS BY JC: Filous Feat. Klei - Bicycle

Newcomer Klei’s clear and girlish vocals float suspended in blue skies only to descend into a bassy beat with a playful shove. Shot on both digital and 16mm film throughout the Netherlands for an intentionally nouveau-retro aesthetic, “Bicycle” isn’t here to take itself too seriously. The tune bops up and down, a bubbly and free-wheeling mini adventure. Repping an impressive assortment of dad sneakers and mismatched sets, Klei smirks out humble-braggadocios lyrics while straddling an upside down bike pedalled backward.

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Video Views by JC: Vanlalchhanhima Ralte "Sex Machine"

Here at YANGAROO Music, we deliver lots of music videos, virtually every video that's submitted to TV for broadcast consideration. This one in particular has caught our attention. Vanlalchhanhima Ralte is back to once again capture your curiosity with his new track ’Sex Machine.’

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