Know Your Rights, Protect Your Music – Discounted Fees for Limited Time!


In an effort to help protect our community of creators, we are excited to announce that our partner, Cosynd, has reduced their copyright registration fees for our clients as a result of the impact from COVID-19.

With Cosynd, you can register music, videos, images, and more in minutes for a discounted rate of $20 per application (plus federal filing fees) through June 30th. That includes the preparation, review, e-filing, and handling of correspondence with the U.S. Copyright Office until you receive your certificates of registration.

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You can also create, negotiate, and sign customized copyright agreements that are vital to the security and monetization of your copyrights (including split sheets, producer, collaboration, and work for hire agreements).

Don’t wait for legal issues to pop up to take care of these essential actions - Copyright registration is a requirement before filing a lawsuit.It can take months to complete and can be at least 10x more expensive to expedite registrations if you find yourself in a jam.


Cosynd can save you the most amount of money by analyzing your catalog and registering your copyrights (new registrations and recordations) in the most economical way possible at a discounted rate.


  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY– In minutes, you can register your titles and create truly customized agreements for far less than what other services may charge. Don’t leave the protection of your content up to “fill-in-blank” templates or fake registration services.
  • RELIABLE SERVICE- Cosynd's intuitive tools and services are used in 120+ countries by thousands of people and trusted by the leading services in our industry.
  • USER-FRIENDLY - Create, negotiate and e-sign, customized copyright contracts in minutes With Cosynd's unique step-by-step process - the fastest and easiest way to get everyone on the same page about what they can (or cannot) do with your content. Your agreements can be signed by multiple parties, redlined by attorneys, and amended with new titles with just a few clicks whenever you want to.

READY TO GET STARTED? You can protect all of your copyrights - your music, videos, images, and literature - Start your application here today.

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