YANGAROO, powered by DMDS, our patented cloud-based technology platform, provides content management and distribution solutions for agencies, production/post houses, content distributors and advertisers across a comprehensive North American footprint.

We expanded our offering beyond music videos to advertising in recent years, leveraging more than 15 years of experience dedicated to digital media management. The YANGAROO platform is the only platform in the industry that has patents for its encryption & distribution technology—harnessing the power of cloud-based technology.

YANGAROO distributes to 100% of the broadcast marketplace with online distribution footprint of over 16,000 television and radio destinations – including broadcast & cable networks, cable systems, and syndication outlets. Utilizing YANGAROO’s patented technology, every network, station, and MVPD receives your spots in the exact file format required for their system—there are more than 400 formats available.

Market Integration

Deliver to traffic managers, standards & practices and network operations users simultaneously allowing for immediate review by all parties.

Deliver With Ease

The YANGAROO platform delivers both short-form and long-form advertising, seamlessly integrating the highest quality SD and HD videos into existing production workflows.The system further provides senders with Proof of Delivery (POD) reports, ensuring their content was not only sent, but also received.

Fast & Efficient

Our platform integrates into existing workflows; enabling you to easily access, upload, and deliver ads tomore than 16,000 destinations in North America.


The platform automates dozens of manual steps in a streamlined workflow, eliminating errors and increasing efficiencies. It easily accommodates last minute changes, time-sensitive, and complex campaigns.


Patented encryption technology allows for secure distribution through cloud-based technology. YANGAROO is 100% software-based, harnessing the power of new technologies, key features, and automation capabilities for clients.

Cost Effective

YANGAROO’s platform relies on technology to automate the delivery of content, providing a significant cost-savings. With no cross-conversion, compression, or other ‘hidden’ production charges, YANGAROO generally reduces clients' distribution costs by 40% - 60%.