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What we do.

YANGAROO is a patented cloud-based technology platform for the management and distribution of digital media content. It not only replaces existing physical, satellite, and closed network distribution systems, but enables content owners to be in full control over the movement of their most valued assets.


YANGAROO ADVERTISING platform delivers the highest quality audio and video files to broadcasters around the globe. It is fast, secure, and cost effective. You can get ready-to-air ads in the right format to the right people at the right stations.

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YANGAROO MUSIC platform delivers the highest quality audio and music video files to radio programmers, TV broadcasters, journalists, and other industry influencers anywhere in the world. It is lightning fast, highly secure, economical & environmentally friendly.

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YANGAROO AWARDS platform has become the industry standard. Most major awards shows, including The GRAMMYS™, The Golden Globes, The Emmys, The MTV VMAs, The Academy of Country Music Awards, and The JUNOS™, use the platform to conveniently manage the submission, nomination, streaming, and judging for their thousands of members located around the globe.

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How It Works.

Regardless of whether or not you are a record company, independent recording artist, music promoter, advertising agency, post production house, broadcast cable network, station, or awards coordinator, the YANGAROO platform will work for you.


Media and metadata is submitted to the cloud-based platform, where automated quality checks are performed.


Manage media and submissions via intuitive tools and streamlined workflows, eliminating errors and increasing efficiency.


The content owner or distributor can deliver the media to thousands of desired destinations which can include a broad network of radio, television, publications, blogs and more.

About Us.

YANGAROO’s patented cloud-based software, DMDS, powers the advertising, music, and award show markets with the most effective and efficient technology solution available.

YANGAROO was founded by a Music Industry Entrepreneur and an Investment Banker who believed that the music industry was in trouble and must embrace technology to successfully move forward. This would require the development of a secure digital distribution platform to deliver music and videos to broadcasters and other media outlets globally. Their vision, when fully realized, led to the development of the patented Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS) the platform on which YANGAROO is based.

Since then, YANGAROO has evolved and transformed its platform to be 100% cloud-based with APIs that enable deep integration into robust market solutions and client-proprietary software systems. This means that both senders and receivers can manage their files without specialized hardware or expensive infrastructure. It provides non-intrusive delivery to media enterprises and scales quickly and cost-effectively.

The company has grown and the platform is now responsible for moving and managing media files for customers and partners all over the world.

YANGAROO Awards has become the industry standard, powering most major Awards programs in North America, handling the entire submissions, review, streaming, and voting processes.


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Meet the Crew.

Interdisciplinary team with big ideas and challenges.

Gary Moss
President / CEO

Gary Moss joined YANGAROO in 2012 bringing with him over 20 years of expertise in leading global operations, strategic planning, corporate development and innovation in high growth, results driven environment.

Richard Klosa

Mr. Klosa, a serial entrepreneur and digital media innovator, serves as the Chief Technology Officer for YANGAROO bringing more than 15 years of IT development and management experience.

Dom Kizek

Dom Kizek is a CPA,CA with over 12 years of public accounting, corporate finance, and financial reporting experience working with publicly traded companies.

Grant Schuetrumpf
President, Advertising

Mr. Schuetrumpf brings more than 25 years of international corporate, business development, production, and senior managerial and administrative experience in the media industry.

Adam Hunt
SVP, Entertainment

Adam Hunt is responsible for the management and growth of the Entertainment Division. He has ten years of sales, marketing, and business development experience with YANGAROO.

Advertising Team

Work with our ad team to manage the distribution of your spots. Whether it is creating your order, cross checking traffic or providing supporting services - they’re here to help 24/7 365.

Music & Awards

The music and awards team gets your music and music videos where they need to go and assist with the support requirements of Award shows from across the globe.

Development & QA

Meet the folks that make the system hum. The Dev team writes the code that makes the magic happen - while the QA team keeps them all in check. The Video QC team ensures that all incoming and outgoing media matches our exacting specifications.


YANGAROO is a company dedicated to providing technology solutions for the music, awards show and advertising industries. YANGAROO’s patented cloud-based software allows audio and video files to be securely, rapidly and cost-effectively distributed, managed and monetized. It provides a more accountable, effective, and far less costly digital management of broadcast quality media via the cloud. It replaces the physical, satellite and closed network distribution and management of audio and video content, for music, music videos, and advertising to television, radio, media, retailers, awards shows, and other authorized recipients.

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Meet a few of our clients, some of the world's most recognizable brands.

Advertising 24
Awards 10
Music 15
  • Academy of Country Music Awards
    Academy of Country Music Awards
  • Arts & Crafts
    Arts & Crafts
  • ATO Records
    ATO Records
  • BET Awards
    BET Awards
  • Big Machine
    Big Machine
  • Bud Light
    Bud Light
  • Burger King
    Burger King
  • Calvin Klein
    Calvin Klein
  • CCMA
  • Clairol
  • CMT
  • Dine Alone Records
    Dine Alone Records
  • Febreze
  • Fuse
  • GameStop
  • Golden Globes
    Golden Globes
  • Grammy Awards
    Grammy Awards
  • Heineken
  • Honda
  • ITT Tech
    ITT Tech
  • Jack In The Box
    Jack In The Box
  • Juno Awards
    Juno Awards
  • Last Gang Records
    Last Gang Records
  • Latin Grammys
    Latin Grammys
  • LaZboy
  • Life Alert
    Life Alert
  • Little Caesars
    Little Caesars
  • Mercedes Benz
    Mercedes Benz
  • Merge Records
    Merge Records
  • MetLife
  • MTV
  • MTV Video Music Awards
    MTV Video Music Awards
  • National Academy of Television Arts & Science
    National Academy of Television Arts & Science
  • Open Road Records
    Open Road Records
  • Pizza Hut
    Pizza Hut
  • Procter & Gamble
    Procter & Gamble
  • Revolt
  • Sherwin Williams
    Sherwin Williams
  • Sony Music
    Sony Music
  • Soul Train Awards
    Soul Train Awards
  • Sub Pop
    Sub Pop
  • Taco Bell
    Taco Bell
  • Target
  • Telemundo
  • Tim Hortons
    Tim Hortons
  • Toyota
  • Universal
  • Warner Music Group
    Warner Music Group

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